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We can transform your wedding

Weddings occur when love and happiness is at it's peak.Tedious planning and preparation is put in to place allowing for a perfect event. We, here at Del's lighting,will ensure your wedding is a day to be remembered, through our wide range of services and expertise in decor, music and lighting.

Below you will find what we have to offer.

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Your wedding will be a day to be remembered, not only for the love but for the mood and aura that booking our DJ will bring. We promise that your dance floor will be filled with your family and friends dancing the day/night away. We have different set ups for the dj booth that will compliment your decor.

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A dance floor is vital for that special dance, perfect and white in the center of the wedding area. We can custom print your names or initials on it.



A wedding can never be dull, with the perfect MC making necessary  announcements and having the wedding program flowing smoothly. Our M/C will  provide the day with the energy to amplify the fun and happiness and the special day.

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Your first dance should be a moment that will be remembered across time itself. So to make such a moment even more heavenly, "WHY NOT TRY DANCING ON THE CLOUDS"

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Planning a wedding can be a tedious process, which is why  it should be planned to perfection. Our tents are clean and reliable, perfect for if it rains or whether the wedding is planned for a more outdoor setting. The tents come in white or clear tops.

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Lighting is the twin sister to music. It provides elegance to a wedding, never letting guests forget for a minute what they are truly apart of. Our lights are customized to match the wedding decor colors, giving the perfect wedding scenery most dream of.

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Sparkler effects are perfect for that grand entrance and first dance, making them surreal and magical, all the while being so real.